An endless dungeons filled with traps


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Redungeon is a game where your aim is to venture deep inside a dungeon, going as far as you can. The problem is that this dungeon is filled with traps of all kinds. Not only that, but each time you start a new game, you'll find a dungeon that's entirely different from any one you've played before it.

The controls in Redungeon are perfect for the touchscreen: just slide your finger on the screen in the direction you want your character to move. This way, you have to advance step by step through this endless dark maze, avoiding all the traps. Spikes, blades, crossbows, holes, bats, and slugs are just some of the dangers you'll encounter.

Though the main objective is to go as far as possible, you also have to try to pick up coins along the way. With them you can unlock new characters and upgrade the skills of the one you already have. You can also use coins to save your hero from death, although this isn't cheap.

Redungeon is a simple, fun, and addictive arcade game. Like all games developed by Nitrome, it features charming pixelated graphics. The perfect game for short matches, though you can still play for a longer time once you start to master the gameplay.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher